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OpenCores is the world’s largest site/community for development of hardware IP cores as open source. host the source code for different digital HW projects (IP-cores, SoC, boards, etc) and support the users with different tools, platforms, forums and other useful information. Please join us!


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Professional support for OpenCores technology based products.

If you plan to use IPs from OpenCores in your next design and need support, please contact ORSoC AB.
They are experts in SoC design based on the OpenCores technology and have extensive experience all parts of FPGA/ASIC development.

Please contact ORSoC for further information.


ZTEX releases new Artix 7 FPGA Board with USB and DDR3 SDRAM by Ziegenbalg, Stefan on 04-10-2014
ZTEX Releases USB-FPGA Module 2.13. Main Features of the new FPGA Board are: * Four FPGA variants: XC7A35T (expected mid of 2014), XC7A50T (expected mid...
ZTEX releases a FPGA Board with largest Artix 7 FPGA by Ziegenbalg, Stefan on 11-25-2013
ZTEX releases USB-FPGA Module 2.16. It's an FPGA Board with the larges Artix 7 FPGA. An Open Sorce SDK which covers both sides, the FPGA Board and the host...
A 2-D IDCT Architecture without Memory Registers For Multiple Video Standards by nathab, swami on 02-04-2013
We have proposed a low-cost VLSI architecture of a multistandard IDCT in this brief. IDCTs of several standards are integrated in the proposed...
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