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This page holds information about upcoming OpenRISC Project meetings.

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The second annual OpenRISC project conference - ORCONF 2013.

See the schedule section for details of the weekend.


Registration is free and allows us to know who will be attending for scheduling and catering purposes.

Registration for the event is now open via Eventbrite: Click here to register for ORCONF

Please let us know any timing constraints on your attendance when registering. (set_multicycle_path -start 1hr -from {i:you} -to {i:orconf})


This meeting will be accessible for anyone with a background in embedded systems at any level, whether acquainted with the project or not.

Date & Time

The event will run from 2pm on Saturday, October 5 to early afternoon on Sunday, October 6.

Lunch will be available from 12:30 on Saturday. The sessions will run until the evening, and be followed by dinner in a local pub. Sessions will resume Sunday morning and conclude after lunch in the early afternoon.

This arrangement should allow people to travel on Saturday morning and return home Sunday evening.


University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.jpg

This year's conference will be held at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory in Cambridge, England. A big thank you to David Greaves and the Computer Labs for hosting us.

The address is:

Room FW11, Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, 15 JJ Thomson Avenue, CB3 0FD Cambridge, United Kingdom


Some recommendations for places to stay are:

  • Travelodge Newmarket Road - they are quoting 50GBP for Friday night and 86GBP for Saturday night. It is close enough to town to walk, but is a 45-minute walk to the conference venue. Taxis between the train station and conference venue would be the best bet (if several are staying here they could be shared).
  • Arundel House - this is a well located hotel, and are quoting 77GBP per night when booked on The conference venue is a 25-minute walk from here.


Cambridge is well connected in the UK by train, and internationally via all of London's airports. However, London Stansted airport is the closest, and is only a 30-minute train ride from the center of Cambridge.

The Cambridge University Computer Laboratory website has a good section onhow to get there.


It is expected the conference will be free to attend, thanks to our wonderful sponsors.


A playlist with all videos from ORCONF 2013 can be found on YouTube


Time Presentation Video Slides, etc.
1:45pm A SystemC model of a multicore OpenRISC with power annotation (David Greaves). Video
2:30pm OpTiMSoC - an OpenRISC-based Manycore System-on-Chip (Stefan Wallentowitz). Video
3:15pm BERI: A Bluespec Extensible RISC Implementation. The development of a full-featured 64-bit MIPS processor for hardware-software co-design targeting rapid and robust extensibility (Jon Woodruff). Video
4:15pm Hands off the cores! Hands-on withORPSoCv3 - A walkthrough to get started with using ORPSoCv3 (Olof Kindgren and others). Video
5:00pm ORPSoC on the DE0-nano. Based on the workshop first given at [ ChipHack], but upgraded for ORPSoCv3. DE0-nano's will be provided, but feel free to bring your own (Julius Baxter to lead).


Time Presentation Video Slides, etc.
9:00am mor1kx progress report and demo (Stefan Kristiansson and Julius Baxter). Video
9:45am Defining a Domain Specific Language for the Configuration of SoPCs Based on the OpenRISC Platform (Martin Schulze). Video
10:15am OpenRISC for space applications and EurySpace SoC (Guillaume Rembert) Video
10:30am OpenOCD and GDB for OpenRISC (Franck Jullien) Video
10:45am Modifying the OR1200 for ETH Zürich (Davide Rossi) Video
11:30am OpenRISC 2000. A collaborative session to firm up the architecture specification (Jeremy Bennett to chair). Video Notes
12:15pm Update and discussion on the OpenRISC toolchain, including "do we need ABIv2" (Stefan Kristiansson to lead). Video
1:00pm A Couple of Things at Lightning Speed (Julius Baxter) Video
1:00pm Verilator Update (Jeremy Bennett) Video



Embecosm is a UK based consultancy providing open source compiler development and silicon modeling. More information


Please contact or post to the OpenRISC mailing lists for further information or presentation proposals.

The organisers are also easily contactable via IRC in #openrisc on

Talk and workshop abstracts

A SystemC model of a multicore OpenRISC with power annotation

David Greaves, Cambridge University Computer Laboratory

David has developed a SystemC model of a multicore OpenRISC design, which has been used for teaching at the University for some years. This model is unusual in having annotations for power usage, so it can give estimates of power consumption as well as system performance when run.

Defining a Domain Specific Language for the Configuration of SoPCs Based on the OpenRISC Platform

Martin Schulze

After some words about my motivation I will give a demo of the current state of the project, the eclipse editor and a simple solution to the question how to integrate into ORPSoCv2 (yes, it's v2 for now).

OpTiMSoC - an OpenRISC-based Manycore System-on-Chip

Stefan Wallentowitz, Technical University of Munich

ORPSoC on the DE0-nano

Julius Baxter

This is a workshop first given by Julius Baxter at[ ChipHack], showing how to bring up ORPSoC on the DE0-nano. A number of DE0-nano's will be available, but feel free to bring your own.

Partipants are encouraged to read the workshop requirements and perform the tool installation prior to arriving ORCONF. Please contact Julius Baxter via IRC, the mailing lists or directly (see email below) if you experience problems with your preparation.

mor1kx progress report and demo

Stefan Kristiansson and Julius Baxter

Hands off the cores! Hands-on with ORPSoCv3

Olof Kindgren and others

A walkthrough to get started with using ORPSoCv3. This will precede the workshop.

OpenRISC 2000

Jeremy Bennett

This has been bouncing around for a couple of years, and it would be good to start to get some more concrete direction. Implementing OpenRISC (in silicon and in simulation) is a popular undergraduate project, and defining OR2K now might give a chance for someone to implement it during the coming academic year.

Update and discussion on the OpenRISC toolchain

Stefan Kristiansson

This year has been a lot quieter on the toolchain side than last year, but there are a couple of things of interest that could be discussed. At least one thing I have in mind is our ABI. There have been a couple of occurrences of projects that abuse the C standard for varargs, hurting us "small, different guys".

There are a couple of other things in our ABI that aren't all perfect, so maybe some venting of those issues and whether we need an "ABI v2.0" would be something we should consider.

Bug squashing session

We did this last year as the final session after lunch on Sunday. People joined in for as long as they could until their flights/trains left. It's a good chance to clear up Bugzilla once each year.

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