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This page holds information about upcoming OpenRISC Project meetings.

For previous OpenRISC meetings and conferences, see the archive page.



The third annual project meeting will be held in Munich, Germany over the weekend of Saturday, October 11 and Sunday, October 12 2014.


More information on this event will be made available here and on the OpenRISC mailing lists over the next couple of months.

Presentation Proposals

We are now accepting presentation proposals.

We'd welcome presentations from anyone who is involved in the open source hardware design sphere. The OpenRISC project's concerns are many and varied, from computer architecture and RTL implementations, to open source EDA tools and flows, to tool chains, debuggers and software from bare metal RTOS to Linux user space, so we'd like to reflect this in the presentations. Your project, of course, need not be related to OpenRISC, specifically.

Presentation formats are flexible, let us know what you'd prefer and we'll be sure to accommodate you.

Please send proposals to either:

  1. OpenRISC mailinglist(s)
  2. the event organisers directly.

For questions and comments, contact us the emails above or via the IRC channel, #openrisc on

Conference Format

The conference will likely run from about midday on Saturday to early afternoon on Sunday. This will allow people to travel Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.

The conference will primarily consist of presentations, with perhaps a workshop allowing people to get their hands dirty with OpenRISC. We're also open to BoF sessions.

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