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This page contains the discussions from the "Open source processes for OpenRISC" session at the OpenRISC Project Meeting 2012.


Processes for review/maintainers

  • How we work within the project/organising the project?
    • Do we need a project manager?
      • Defining the role: Managing groups of people (i.e. 4 people working on something, perhaps joining forces) keeping organisational structure up to date on the wiki
      • Olof: taking charge of defining the role
      • Perhaps domain specific managers and someone managing they keep talking?
    • Process of review
      • Taking or1ksim structure and process, is this suitable for other parts?
      • At the very least should be documented.
    • Too many patches just left in the mailing list, system we have doesn't work.
      • Is silence (non-object) a sign of approval?
      • Github pull requests a method?
      • Patchwork - used by uboot
        • Test setup Monday
      • Separate mailing list for patches?
        • No (consensus)
    • Need testing setup for RTL patches
      • Need to be conservative, can't just accept any patches.
      • Need release for OR1200 v3

Structure of the project

  • Need to split up project?
    • Page on opencores is the architecture, need sub-projects but where?
    • Consensus: OR1K project - just architecture, contain list to subprojects. (A good entry page)
      • Entry point needs to be maintained. Needs to be definitive list to everything.
      • Need to sort out details on exactly how this should be done.

Choice of version control system and where do they live?

  • We have users of SVN, git, upstream tools that use CVS, SVN and git.
  • Opencores only generally have SVN supported
  • What version control system should we use/global definition?
    • Should it not matter as long as there is a link?
  • Where should it live?
    • From a developers standpoint does it matter, but what about for users?
    • Keep stable/released versions on opencores

Mailing lists and IRC

  • We have two different mailing lists
  • Possible solution is to automate the cross-posting system previously agreed on. On opencores side this is ok, need to sort out openrisc side.
  • IRC lists more logically separated.

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