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General Comments

Excellent start. I'll add material.

I think you need to rework this main page a bit and make it simpler - more can go on the wiki. You want something much simpler, that makes it clear it is a standard template for a project, and that everything of substance is on the Wiki. Something like:

== Project Summary ==
(this should be wiki editable free text)
== Project Details ==
(special template, generated automatically)
Project Wiki:
Project Wiki last updated:
SVN: <svn reference>, browser
SVN last updated:
Download: <link to wiki>
Project maintainers: <link to wiki>
== Project Properties ==
This can stay as is, but the bottom line "Click here" for project details is not needed.

On the browse links on the left, I would call "Community Portal" "Project Wiki". People know what a wiki is, so call it by its name. "Random Page" is not needed for this sort of website. I would label "Help" "Project Help" to make it clear.

On the tools links on the left, you need "Wiki Help" for people who do not know how to edit a Wiki. That can point to an OpenCores page that refers people to the MediaWiki pages.

I'm not sure if the column on the left can be widened slightly. Too many of the links wrap round, which makes it look ugly.

Jeremybennett 07:49, 13 June 2011 (UTC)

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