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The OpenRISC 2000 Project (colloquially OR2K) aims to develop a successor to the OpenRISC 1000 family of processors.

Original ideas for key features:

  • Not backwards (or forwards) compatible with OR1K
    • But draws on many OR1K features
  • Modular in design
  • Suitable for multi-core use

Following discussion at the 2012 OpenRISC Project Meeting, this was refined further.

  • Aimed at the deeper end of embedded
    • Size is important
    • Just 16/32 bit data, no 64-bit support
  • Targeted at small to medium size FPGAs (change from 2011).

Subjects under discussion

Various people have made suggestions for OR2K that we should consider.

Proposed instruction set

  • First attempt at instruction set documented here and mailing list discussion here

Analysis of Existing (OR1K) Architecture

Architectural design

Architectural Specification

Tool chain and libraries

The tool chain will (initially at least) be GNU. The intention is to develop a CGEN model of the architecture, and from that derive assembler/dissasembler and simulator and the rest of binutils. After that we can build GCC and GDB.

It's likely we will need both the newlib and uClibc libraries.

Operating systems

It is expected that both Linux and various RTOS will be supported on the OR2K.

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