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Type :: BUG
Status :: OPENED
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I utilize your IP fpadd_pipeline with Quartus2- Altera. But it doesn't wotk well. I think fpadd_normalize_struct .vhd has a bug at the line 94 "IF (signed(count) > signed(EXP_in)) THEN".
I think "singed" before "(count)" and "(Exp_in)" is not necessary.
How do you think?


Marcus, Guillermo Sep 11, 2018
Ashwini, I think you posted in the wrong place.
Baragali, Ashwini Sep 8, 2018
Can i get a Verilog code for master an slave of i2c in Verilog
Marcus, Guillermo Feb 22, 2012
there is currently a bug related to the normalized numbers. It does work better with the previous version, I hope to have time in the next two weeks to finally close that issue (has been hanging for some time now...).

Granted, signed does not seems to be needed at this point. It will certainly assume the wrong sign from the count for some values, and when sign extending will return the wrong value. Will check it further. Thanks!
Beldianu, Florin Feb 22, 2012
IF (signed(count) > signed(EXP_in)) THEN

should be replaced with:
IF ((count) > (EXP_in)) THEN
Beldianu, Florin Feb 22, 2012
The hex operands are:
Beldianu, Florin Feb 22, 2012
Same issue encountered:
Add these two numbers with the last revision of fpadd_normalize_struct.vhd:

a b
I switched to previous one.
Nakajima, Shigeo Dec 24, 2010
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