Sigasi Starter Edition, Forever Free


Starter Edition

In the past two years, many design engineers have downloaded the Sigasi HDT 1.0 development tool for VHDL. Today, is the time for something newer and better. Sigasi is releasing the Sigasi 2.0, Starter Edition. The Starter Edition is designed to beat any existing VHDL editor in usability and functionality. Even better: if your design is small enough you get the full functionality of the upcoming Sigasi 2.0, for free. That includes rename refactorings, mouse-over hovers, as-you-type error markers and project navigation.

What’s the Catch?

Why is Sigasi we giving away stuff for free? In fact they're not. You are paying us back in two ways: first, the Starter Edition will ask you to send debug and profile information back to Sigasi. You will be able to inspect the data that gets sent back to us to ensure confidentiality. Getting debug info (stack dumps) back from a large user base is important because it helps in making a better tool. Second, you are invited to participate in discussions on the website.

Both the debug info and the participation in online discussions help shape the Sigasi 2.0 product. In the end, everybody benefits because (as promised) the Starter Edition will remain free forever.

Of course, if you love the Starter Edition so much, you can always upgrade to the Pro Edition, which will launch later this year.

So please, try it out!
Go and download Sigasi 2.0 Starter Edition from the Sigasi website.

By: Philippe, Faes

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