The NEW OpenRISC FPGA development board is now released


We have just released a new OpenRISC-FPGA-development board that is specially designed to match OpenRISC processor SoC designs. The board supports the most common/wanted interfaces, with a small physical size and easy connections/debugging solution. We offer this powerful board as a low-cost FPGA development board, back to the community. We have also created a new VirtualBox-image with all OpenRISC tools pre-installed and with detailed HowTo-guides, focusing allot on making sure that all users can get started easily using the OpenRISC processor FPGA designs together with this board. Our mission with this board is to spread the OpenRISC processor awareness and hopefully get more contributers into the project. We sell these boards via OpenCores-webshop at self-cost.

Want to buy one? Then go directly to the webshop:,item,9

Read more about the NEW OpenRISC board:

Download the NEW OpenRISC-Ubuntu-VirtualBox-image:

So join the OpenRISC-project,
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By: Marcus, Erlandsson

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