Migen, a Python toolbox for building complex digital hardware


Started late 2011 and still experimental, Migen is a Python-based tool that aims at automating further the VLSI design process.

It provides tools to:
* build synchronous designs more productively by automating tasks like resetting registers and abstracting away the event-driven paradigm of HDLs.
* integrate system-on-chips, for example by automatically interconnecting on-chip buses such as Wishbone.
* design hardware accelerators in the dataflow paradigm, with semi-automatic integration in a SoC.
* and more...

Migen is free software and will become the foundation for the next-generation Milkymist SoC.

You can find a more complete and technical description of Migen at

To follow and contribute to the development of Migen, feel free to subscribe to the Milkymist development mailing list at

By: Sebastien, Bourdeauducq

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