Call for presentations for the LSM embedded and open hardware track 2012


The purpose of the “Embedded Systems and Open Hardware” session is to give the state of the art of free software for embedded systems and Open Hardware. Technical topics of this session include but are not limited to:

* Embedded OS Development kernel architecture, implementation and port for embedded systems
* Embedded Development Tools: tool chains and project cases (tool chain projects, packaging for cross compilation, portability …)
* Embedded Linux, BSD, or any other free operating system
* Real-time extensions for Linux: RTLinux, RTAI…
* Hard real-time kernels: eCos, RTEMS, ADEOS, Xenomai…
* Soft Real-time kernels
* Embedded Java, LUA, Python ...
* GUI for embedded systems: EFL, Qt, Gtk…
* Linux and System on Chip (SoC)
* Open Hardware, Open design, free IP modules (Intellectual Property) and softcores: opencores, OpenRISC, NIOS, Microblaze, LEONSparc, FPGA…

The conferences will last 30 minutes, questions included. Round tables will be organized. Synthetic presentations are scheduled to last 20 minutes. PDF versions of the presentation are not mandatory but they will be greatly appreciated (with an online web access just after the LSM event, they are a very useful documentation source for the entire community).

If you plan to participate and to propose a presentation, please send a message as soon as possible to the following address: with a summary of your presentation (and if you can, a summary in English too) no later than 31th march 2012. Feel free to forward this Call For Presentation to other places or to everyone you think could be interested.

By: Fainelli, Florian

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