New feature: code metrics user ranking

New feature: code metrics user ranking

code metrics user ranking

Amsterdam, 08 December

Dear OC-users,

Right after the launch earlier in September, we started working on the addition of small features we had in mind since a while. With those slowly appearing, we aim at improving and enhancing the quality of our community, its content, and the overall liking and fun on the site. One area of development we're currently focusing on is the design and implementation of simple and effective code quality metrics based on user feedback.

The two new features deployed today are: (i) a starring system of the cores, (ii) a better overview on the number of bugs reported and solved per core.

As you will progressively start giving feedback on contributions, the good quality cores will start naturally emerging and strengthen the scores on the charts displayed on the homepage.
Many stars: good!
Many bugs reported (and fixed): good!
We also believe that giving a little star to contributors gives and shows a little token of appreciation and acknowledges their effort and their work. Needless to reinforce that bug reports and fixes are a sound proof of the power of community based design peer review and extensive shared verification.

These two features are now available in the "details" section of every project.

Do you have suggestions, opinions, feedback? Please don't hesitate to contact us at

Now go and have fun!

/:/ OC-team

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Posted Dec 8, 2017 by Admin, OpenCores