ODESS Multicore Project :: Tools and soft

Configurable assembler

Assembler, which can be configured for almost any instruction set of
processors and microcontrollers with RISC-architecture, as well as microprogram
controllers. Download here:!482223368215
CAssm.exe and borlndmm.dll - executables
CAssm reference.pdf - about CAssm
Core instruction set.src - ODESS multicore processor instruction set description example

File Converter

This program is used to convert binary files to initial memory buffers in the formats Altera MIF or Verilog Hex or Bin.

Test software

The archive file contains a set of test programs with source code, which allows to evaluate the of CoreOneV0, CoreOneV2 and CoreQuad

ModelSim projects

Projects for RTL simulation:!858885178279

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