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Name: ecowlogic-pico
Created: Dec 14, 2015
Updated: Nov 30, 2017
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Category: Prototype board
Language: Other
Development status: Alpha
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eCow-logic is an open-hardware development kit based on Lattice ICE40 FPGA. The board use pico-ITX form factor that allow to put them into a standard case. The goal of this project is to provide a -really- simple hardware and software environment for for professional and teaching applications. A user-friendly approach is the guiding thread of the project.

The embedded web-server allow to load the bitstream without any probe or additional software.

The eCowLogic board can be used with Cowlab, an online IDE with Yosys toolbox. With cowlab, you can write HDL, synthesis design, and load into ecowlogic ... without installing any software on your computer :)


- Lattice ICE40 HX 1k FPGA as the heart :)
- Network coprocessor (programming interface and simple communication layer)
- 512k external SRAM
- OLED 128x32 display
- VGA port
- 8 LEDs
- 4 push buttons
- Extension connector


Prototype r02 (feb 2016)

Second prototype

Here, the first prototype named r01 (with straps :p )

First prototype

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