System09 :: Bugtracker

Date Title Status Assigned to Submitted by
Mar 15, 2008 FIRQ Problems on Williams Pinball Controller OPENED dilbert57
Jul 16, 2006 RTI, SYNC, MUL, DAA, INT & NMI CLOSED dilbert57
Jun 12, 2006 CLR does not reset V Flag CLOSED dilbert57 dilbert57
Jun 12, 2006 ASR, LSR & ROR Affect V Flag CLOSED dilbert57 dilbert57
Sep 16, 2005 JSR [0,S] Bug CLOSED dilbert57
Aug 31, 2005 alu_trf not complete CLOSED
Aug 19, 2005 ERROR in LSR asm operation CLOSED dilbert57
Feb 10, 2004 Stack Pointer Initialisation and NMIs CLOSED dilbert57 dilbert57
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