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19 Modify set threshold method HanySalah 124d 19h /uart2bus_testbench/
18 Modify the coverage updating strategy HanySalah 124d 22h /uart2bus_testbench/
17 Modify the scripts and uart_test to match the report server in old UVM source code HanySalah 150d 10h /uart2bus_testbench/
16 HanySalah 150d 11h /uart2bus_testbench/
15 Adding shell script to run the testbench HanySalah 151d 01h /uart2bus_testbench/
14 Complete the coverage driven test and upgrade the document HanySalah 151d 01h /uart2bus_testbench/
13 add the general test and replace the coverage component to be uvm_subscriber instead of uvm_component HanySalah 154d 11h /uart2bus_testbench/
12 HanySalah 155d 13h /uart2bus_testbench/
11 + add the first edition of coverage driven methodogy for text mode only HanySalah 155d 14h /uart2bus_testbench/
10 add maximum simulation time + refine the reporting phase HanySalah 155d 15h /uart2bus_testbench/
9 Change the verbosity of passed test message to be UVM_HIGH + add the reporting message in the report phase in testfile HanySalah 155d 16h /uart2bus_testbench/
8 HanySalah 284d 21h /uart2bus_testbench/
7 Remove run tests from topmodule HanySalah 643d 13h /uart2bus_testbench/
6 HanySalah 643d 13h /uart2bus_testbench/
5 remove coverage requirement section HanySalah 644d 01h /uart2bus_testbench/
4 HanySalah 644d 02h /uart2bus_testbench/
3 HanySalah 644d 02h /uart2bus_testbench/
2 Initial Version HanySalah 669d 15h /uart2bus_testbench/
1 The project and the structure was created root 670d 04h /uart2bus_testbench/

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