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40 remove trunk files, leave memento in README.txt wfjm 365d 08h /w11/trunk/
39 remove trunk files, leave memento in README.txt wfjm 365d 08h /w11/trunk/
37 - upgraded CRAM controller, now with 'page mode' support
- new test bench driver tbrun, give automatized test bench execution
wfjm 422d 18h /w11/trunk/
36 - Code base cleaned-up for vivado, fsm now inferred
- xsim support complete (but many issues to be resolved yet)
- Added configurable w11a cache
- Removed some never documented and now strategically obsolete designs
wfjm 533d 10h /w11/trunk/
35 - Add Arty support (BRAM only)
- Add sysmon/xadc support (for nexys4,basys3,arty designs)
- Add Vivado simulator support (DPI not yet working)
wfjm 632d 10h /w11/trunk/
34 - Add CPU debug and monitoring units (dmhbpt,dmscnt,dmcmon) wfjm 712d 06h /w11/trunk/
32 - major release w11a_V0.70 (tagged)
- changes from last minor release
- rhrp and tm11 bug fixes
- no major functionality added
wfjm 904d 10h /w11/trunk/
31 - added TM11/TU10 tape support wfjm 920d 14h /w11/trunk/
30 - added RH70/RP/RM big disk support
- many cleanups
wfjm 942d 09h /w11/trunk/
29 - added support for Vivado
- added support for Nexys4 and Basys3 boards
- added RL11 disk support
- lots of documentation updated
wfjm 1008d 06h /w11/trunk/
28 - the w11a rbus interface used so far a narrow dynamically adjusted
rbus->ibus window. Replaces with a 4k word window for whole IO page.
- utilize rlink protocol version 4 features in w11a backend
- use attn notifies to dispatch attn handlers
- use larger blocks (7*512 rather 1*512 bytes) for rdma transfers
- use labo and merge csr updates with last block transfer
- this combined reduces the number of round trips by a factor 2 to 3,
and in some cases the throughput accordingly.
wfjm 1072d 07h /w11/trunk/
27 - migrate to rlink protocol version 4
- Goals for rlink v4
- 16 bit addresses (instead of 8 bit)
- more robust encoding, support for error recovery at transport level
- add features to reduce round trips
- improved attention handling
- new 'list abort' command
- For further details see README_Rlink_V4.txt
- use own C++ based tcl shell tclshcpp instead of tclsh
wfjm 1087d 09h /w11/trunk/
25 - The div instruction gave wrong results in some corner cases when either
divisor or quotient were the largest negative integer (100000 or -32768).
This is corrected now, for details see ECO-026-div.txt
- some minor updates and fixes to support scripts
- xtwi usage and XTWI_PATH setup explained in INSTALL.txt
wfjm 1219d 11h /w11/trunk/
23 - major release w11a_V0.60 (tagged)
- after 0.581: documentation updates, no functional changes
- from 0.5 -> 0.6:
- revised ibus and rbus protocol; backend server rewritten; Nexys3 port;
Cypress Fx2 support; LP11,PC11 support
wfjm 1284d 04h /w11/trunk/
22 - interim release w11a_V0.581 (untagged)
- new reference system
- switched from ISE 13.3 to 14.7.
- map/par behaviour changed, unfortunately unfavorably for w11a.
On Nexys3 no timing closure anymore for 80 MHz, only 72 MHz can
be achieved now.
- new man pages (in doc/man/man1/)
- support for Spartan-6 CMTs in PLL and DCM mode
wfjm 1292d 04h /w11/trunk/
21 - interim release w11a_V0.58 (untagged)
- C++ and Tcl based backend server now fully functional, supports with
DL11, RK11, LP11 and PC11 all devices available in w11a designs
- the old perl based backend server (pi_rri) is obsolete and removed
- operating system kits reorganized
wfjm 1674d 07h /w11/trunk/
20 - interim release w11a_V0.57 (untagged)
- new C++ and Tcl based backend server supports now RK11 handling
- w11a systems operate with rlink over USB on nexsy2 and nexsy3 boards.
See w11a_os_guide.txt for details
wfjm 1689d 12h /w11/trunk/
19 - interim release w11a_V0.562 (untagged)
- C++ and Tcl based backend server: many support classes for interfacing to
w11 system designs, and the associated Tcl bindings.
- add 'asm-11', a simple, Macro-11 syntax subset combatible, assembler.
- use now doxygen, generate c++,tcl, and vhdl source docs
wfjm 1703d 09h /w11/trunk/
18 - interim release w11a_V0.561 (untagged)
- Added simple simulation model of Cypress FX2 and test benches for
functional verifcation of FX2 controller
- Bugfixes in FX2 firmware and controller, works now also on Nexys3 & Atlys
- Added test systems for rlink over USB verification for Nexys3 & Atlys
wfjm 1800d 10h /w11/trunk/
17 - interim release w11a_V0.56 (untagged)
- re-organized handling of board and derived clocks in test benches
- added message filter definitions for some designs (.mfset files)
- added Cypress EZ-USB FX2 controller (USB interface)
- added firmware for EZ-USB FX2 supporting jtag access and data transfer
- FPGA configure over USB now supported directly in make build flow
- added test systems for USB testing and rlink over USB verification
- no functional change of w11a CPU core or any pre-existing test systems
- Note: Carefully read the disclaimer about usage of USB VID/PID numbers
in the file README_USB-VID-PID.txt. You'll be responsible for any
misuse of the defaults provided with the project sources !!
wfjm 1804d 05h /w11/trunk/

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