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1 48 ConX.
Welcome to MinSoC.
2 37 rfajardo
3 49 rfajardo
In order to put the system up and running, you should first visit MinSoC's Wiki
4 48 ConX.
that can be found at ( There, you will find guidance
to retrieve and install the required tools, simulate and synthesize the design,
and to run and debug the first firmware on your FPGA.
7 37 rfajardo
8 48 ConX.
IMPORTANT: By any arisen problems, doubts or special requirements, take a look
into the FAQ pages (also in this very Wiki). It includes possible adaptations
10 49 rfajardo
you can easily make to the system, solutions for the most reported problems
using MinSoC and the Advanced Debug System, and even some tweak possibilities.
If you have a problem which is not described there or you cannot make it work,
please send us an email to .
14 37 rfajardo
15 48 ConX.
FINALLY: My system is up and running, what do I do next? The real system
documentation is the minsoc.pdf document. It gives a thorough insight into
MinSoC, its goals, design and ideas. It helps you to better understand the
system and can give you a good idea of what to do next, after your system is up
and running.
20 37 rfajardo
21 49 rfajardo
Enjoy your time,
Raul Fajardo

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