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prom: roms $(DESIGN_NAME).mcs
.PHONY: impact
impact: roms $(DESIGN_NAME).bit do_impact
impact: $(DESIGN_NAME).bit $(DESIGN_NAME)_impact.cmd
@$(ECHO) "======= Downloading bitstream using Impact ============"
$(IMPACT) -batch $(DESIGN_NAME)_impact.cmd
.PHONY: help
124,7 → 127,7
-$(RM) *.cmd_log *.ngr *.bld *_summary.html *.nc1 *.pcf *.bgn tmp.ut
-$(RM) *.pad *.placed_ncd_tracker *.routed_ncd_tracker *_pad.csv *.drc
-$(RM) *.pad_txt $(DESIGN_NAME)_impact.cmd *.unroutes $(DESIGN_NAME)_vhdl.prj
-$(RM) par_usage_statistics.html $(DESIGN_NAME)_envsettings.html usage_statistics_webtalk.html
-$(RM) par_usage_statistics.html $(DESIGN_NAME)_envsettings.html usage_statistics_webtalk.html impact.xsl impact_impact.xwbt
-$(RMDIR) _ngo _xmsgs xst xlnx_auto_0_xdb xst_tmp_dirs iseconfig
.PHONY: cleanall

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