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@echo off
set /p xilinx_settings=Input the Xilinx "settings32|64.bat" file along with its absolute path:
if EXIST %xilinx_settings% (
make all
echo Finished...
set /p exit=Press ENTER to close this window...
make clean
) ELSE (
echo %xilinx_settings% could not be found.
set /p exit=Press ENTER to close this window...
0,0 → 1,84
MINSOC = ../
MINSOC_RTL = ${MINSOC}/rtl/verilog
UART_RTL = ${MINSOC_RTL}/uart16550/rtl/verilog
ADV_DEBUG_ROOT = ${MINSOC_RTL}/adv_debug_sys/Hardware
DEBUG_RTL = ${ADV_DEBUG_ROOT}/adv_dbg_if/rtl/verilog
OR1200_RTL = ${MINSOC_RTL}/or1200/rtl/verilog
ETH_RTL = ${MINSOC_RTL}/ethmac/rtl/verilog
BUILD_SUPPORT = $(MINSOC)/syn/buildSupport
PROJECT_DIR = $(MINSOC)/prj/xilinx
@echo " all: Synthesize and implement the SoC, then generate a bit stream"
@echo ""
@echo " soc: Synthesize the SoC"
@echo " translate: Convert the SoC's ngc file to an ngd file for mapping"
@echo " map: Express the SoC netlist in the target hardware"
@echo " par: Place the target hardware, then route the wires"
@echo " bitgen: Generate a programming file for the target FPGA"
@echo ""
@echo " modules: Synthesize OR1200 processor, debug interface, UART and Ethernet controllers"
@echo " or1200: Synthesize the OR1200 processor"
@echo " debug: Synthesize the debug interface"
@echo " uart: Synthesize the UART"
@echo " eth: Synthesize the Ethernet controller"
@echo ""
@echo " clean: Delete all superfluous files generated by Xilinx tools"
@echo " distclean: Delete all generated files"
all: minsoc.bit
soc: minsoc_top.ngc
translate: minsoc.ngd
map: minsoc.ncd
par: minsoc_par.ncd
bitgen: minsoc.bit
modules: or1200 debug uart eth
MODULES = or1200_top.ngc adbg_top.ngc uart_top.ngc ethmac.ngc
rm -rf xst
mkdir xst
rm -rf _xmsgs xst xlnx_auto_0_xdb
rm -rf *.xst *.xrpt *.srp *.lso *.log *.bld *.lst *.twr *.ise *.map *.mrp *.ngm *.pcf *.psr *.xml *.pad *.par *.ptwx *.bgn *.unroutes *.xpi minsoc_par_pad* *.xwbt *.html
rm -rf *.ngc *.ncd *.ngd *.bit
make clean
minsoc_top.ngc: ${MINSOC_RTL}/*.v ${MINSOC_DEFINES}/minsoc_defines.v $(BUILD_SUPPORT)/minsoc_top.xst $(PROJECT_DIR)/minsoc_top.prj
make prepare
xst -ifn "$(BUILD_SUPPORT)/minsoc_top.xst"
uart: uart_top.ngc
uart_top.ngc: ${UART_RTL}/*.v $(BUILD_SUPPORT)/uart_top.xst $(PROJECT_DIR)/uart_top.prj
make prepare
xst -ifn "$(BUILD_SUPPORT)/uart_top.xst"
eth: ethmac.ngc
ethmac.ngc: ${ETH_RTL}/*.v $(BUILD_SUPPORT)/ethmac.xst $(PROJECT_DIR)/ethmac.prj
make prepare
xst -ifn "$(BUILD_SUPPORT)/ethmac.xst"
debug: adbg_top.ngc
adbg_top.ngc: ${DEBUG_RTL}/*.v $(BUILD_SUPPORT)/adbg_top.xst $(PROJECT_DIR)/adbg_top.prj
make prepare
xst -ifn "$(BUILD_SUPPORT)/adbg_top.xst"
or1200: or1200_top.ngc
or1200_top.ngc: ${OR1200_RTL}/*.v $(BUILD_SUPPORT)/or1200_top.xst $(PROJECT_DIR)/or1200_top.prj
make prepare
xst -ifn "$(BUILD_SUPPORT)/or1200_top.xst"
minsoc.ngd: ${MINSOC}/backend/CONSTRAINT_FILE minsoc_top.ngc $(MODULES)
ngdbuild -p DEVICE_PART -uc ${MINSOC}/backend/CONSTRAINT_FILE -aul minsoc_top.ngc minsoc.ngd
minsoc.ncd: minsoc.ngd
map -bp -timing -cm speed -equivalent_register_removal on -logic_opt on -ol high -power off -register_duplication on -retiming on -w -xe n minsoc.ngd
minsoc_par.ncd: minsoc.ncd
par -ol high -w -xe n minsoc.ncd minsoc_par.ncd
minsoc.bit: minsoc_par.ncd
bitgen -d -w minsoc_par.ncd minsoc.bit

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