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global env
set env(ROOT_DIR) ../../../../..
set env(PROJECT_DIR) ../../..
# setup environment
do ../../../../scripts/
set env(SIM_TARGET) fpga
set env(SIM_TB) tb_recursive_axis_mux
# load sim procedures
do $env(ROOT_DIR)/qaz_libs/scripts/
radix -hexadecimal
make_lib work 1
sim_compile_all packages
sim_compile_all sim
sim_compile_all axi4_lib
sim_compile_all axi4_lite_lib
sim_compile_lib $env(LIB_BASE_DIR) tb_packages
sim_compile_lib $env(LIB_BASE_DIR) bfm_packages
sim_compile_lib $env(LIB_BASE_DIR) axi4_lib
sim_compile_lib $env(LIB_BASE_DIR) qaz_lib
sim_compile_lib $env(LIB_BASE_DIR) sim
# simulation $root
vlog $env(LIB_BASE_DIR)/axi4_lib/sim/src/axi4_bfm/
vlog $env(LIB_BASE_DIR)/axi4_lib/sim/src/axi4_bfm/
vlog $env(PROJECT_DIR)/sim/src/
vlog $env(PROJECT_DIR)/sim/src/
# compile test last
vlog ./
# vopt work.glbl tb_top -L secureip -L simprims_ver -L unisims_ver -f opt_tb_top.f -o opt_tb_top
# run the sim

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