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Versatile library
Michael Unnebäck
v1.0, 2011-11-11
:doctype: book
Library usage
The overall goal of this project is to present a Verilog HDL library with target technology specific functions
collected into a library. Out of a common code base special variants can be generated supporting a large
flavour of FPGAs.
Library structure
Versatile library is divided into several sub sections
Followed by an example table:
.Sub sections
| Sub section | Description
| clock and reset | Clock generation and reset sources
| Register | Different type of register elements
| Logic | Logic functions
| IO | Special function IO
| Counter | Different types of counters
| Memory | Many types of memory
| Wishbone | Wishbone functions such as bridges
| Arithmetic | Arithmetic functios
Currently supported targets
| Generic | For simulation and generic targets
.An example example
Lorum ipum...
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footnote:[A second example footnote.]
Clock and reset
Global buffer to be used for high fabout signals such as clock and reset network
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The Third Chapter
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Appendix Sub-section
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- [[[taoup]]] Eric Steven Raymond. 'The Art of Unix
Programming'. Addison-Wesley. ISBN 0-13-142901-9.
- [[[walsh-muellner]]] Norman Walsh & Leonard Muellner.
'DocBook - The Definitive Guide'. O'Reilly & Associates. 1999.
ISBN 1-56592-580-7.
- [[[abc2003]]] Gall Anonim. 'An article', Whatever. 2003.
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