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53,6 → 53,8
PROGRAMS= zasm zdump zpp
INSTALLD= ../install/cross-tools/bin
CFILES= asmdata.cpp twoc.cpp zdump.cpp zopcodes.cpp zparser.cpp
HFILES= asmdata.h twoc.h zopcodes.h zparser.h
.PHONY: programs
all: $(OBJDIR)/ programs
105,7 → 107,7
define build-depends
@echo "Building dependency file(s)"
@$(CXX) -I $(OBJDIR)/ $(CCFLAGS) -MM *.cpp > xd.txt
@$(CXX) -I $(OBJDIR)/ $(CCFLAGS) -MM $(CFILES) > xd.txt
@$(CXX) -I $(OBJDIR)/ -I. $(CCFLAGS) -MM $(OBJDIR)/ >> xd.txt
@$(CXX) -I $(OBJDIR)/ -I. $(CCFLAGS) -MM $(OBJDIR)/zpp.cpp >> xd.txt
@sed -e 's/^.*.o: /$(OBJDIR)\/&/' < xd.txt > $(OBJDIR)/depends.txt
114,7 → 116,7
@echo "Generating tags"
@ctags *.cpp *.h # $(SOURCES) $(HEADERS)
.PHONY: depends
depends: tags

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