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; Status: As of August, 2015, this file assembles, builds, and passes
; all of its tests in the Verilator simulator.
; Okay, as of 15 August, there are now some tests that don't pass.
; In particular, the #include test used to pass but didn't pass today.
; Likewise the PUSH() macro test hasn't passed yet. Finally, be aware
; that this implementation is specific to where it loads on a board.
; I tried loading it on my Basys development board, where I had placed
; RAM in a different location and ... things didn't work out so well.
; So grep the __here__ line and adjust it for where you intend to load
; this file.
; In general, as I'm building the CPU, I'm modifying this file to place
; more and more capability tests within the file. If the Lord is
; willing, this will become the proof that the CPU completely works.
; Creator: Dan Gisselquist, Ph.D.
; Gisselquist Tecnology, LLC
34,7 → 48,7
#include "sys.i"
// #include "sys.i"
sys.bus equ 0xc0000000
sys.breaken equ 0x080
sys.step equ 0x040
108,6 → 122,7
mov R0,uCC
; Don't clear the user PC register
; Now, let's try loading some constants into registers
; Specifically, we're testing the LDI, LDIHI, and LDILO instructions
dead_beef equ 0xdeadbeef
ldi 0x0dead,r5
ldi 0x0beef,r6
372,6 → 387,19
cmp $5,r2 r11
// Let's test whether LSL works
ldi $0x0b00,r11
ldi 0x035,r2
lsl 8,r2
ldi 0x03500,r1
cmp r2,r1 r11
ldi 0x074,r0
and 0x0ff,r0
or r0,r2
cmp 0x03574,r2 r11
// Return success / Test the trap interrupt
clr r11
trap r11
384,6 → 412,7
// Now, let's test whether or not we can handle a subroutine
#ifdef PUSH_TEST
398,6 → 427,7
fill 512,0
word 0

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