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January 9, 1995:
Pre-release caveats:

  - has only been tested with gcc.  (I'm not sure we will even bother
    with acc, or cc in the future).

  - I'm fully aware of the warnings received by -Wall 

  - Verifier still not integrated (due to complexity), although 
    experimental vbv_delay code included in verify.c

December 20, 1995
Frame buffer substitution edition of decoder.

 - temporal_reference in bitstream must be correct.

 - substitute pictures must have pixel (luminance samples) width 
   and height equal to coded_picture_width (mb_width*16) and 
   coded_picture_height (mb_height*16) rather than horizontal_size
   and vertical_size, respectively.

 - all input pictures must be interleaved into a frame.

 - frame count (index) is based on absolute display frame order with
   no repeated (3:2 pulldown) fields or frames. 


 - command line arguements in this edition differ from verifier
   style.  This decoder's arguments are the same as the 
   public distribution's (July 4, 1994) code .

   please note that this code, with frame buffer substitution, when it 
   is released will use the verifier style of arguments.

 - Carsten's updated spatial scalability decoder routines have been

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