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--  testbed for entity clk_rst.vhd
--  (c) jul 2007...  Gerhard Hoffmann,
--  open source under BSD conditions
library IEEE;
use     IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.all;
use     IEEE.numeric_std.all;	
entity clk_rst_tb is
end entity clk_rst_tb;
architecture rtl of clk_rst_tb is
signal tb_clk: std_logic;
signal tb_rst: std_logic;
uut: entity work.clk_rst
  generic  map(
    verbose           => true,
    clock_frequency   => 100.0e6,
    min_resetwidth    => 153 ns
  port map(            
    clk               => tb_clk,
    rst               => tb_rst
end architecture rtl; 

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