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S1 Core - Support and References

The S1 Core has been developed by Fabrizio Fazzino and
the OpenCores community, and it's been released as
Free Hardware Design under the GPL license version 2.
You have all the freedom granted by this license, but
to avoid legal problems we have to state clearly that:

1) all the files bundled with this package come

2) you do NOT have the right to demand the support
you need from Fabrizio Fazzino.

Anyway we will try to provide all the free support
that we can, and now we try to list how to ask for

Basically since the S1 Core is based upon the OpenSPARC
T1 microprocessor released by Sun Microsystems, for
issues related with the SPARC Core inside the S1 you
can refer to the OpenSPARC website:

In the documentation section of this site you will
find several documents about the SPARC v9 64-bit
Instruction Set Architecture (you should be able to
read them without registration).

For the specification of the T1 implementation of
the 64-bit SPARC ISA you need a free registration
to download the full design (it's a very large file)
that contains also the full specification of the T1

On the OpenSPARC website listed above there are also
public forums online where you can ask for free

If you need support about the Wishbone Interconnect,
the URL you need is:

Here you will find also several other cores that can
be connected to the S1 seamlessly; again, there are
mailing lists available from this site when you can
discuss with real experts about your problems with
the Wishbone interconnect protocol.

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