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S1 Core - OpenSPARC sources updating

To update the source files of the SPARC Core to the latest
version provided by Sun Microsystems with their OpenSPARC
T1 project, please perform the following steps:

- download the latest chip design from
    (requires free registration and takes a while);
- unpack the tarball, for instance under ~/opensparc-t1 ;
- make the T1_ROOT enviroment variable contained in your
    top-most $S1_ROOT/sourceme file match the directory
    you used in the previous step;
- source the sourceme file in a fresh opened shell.

Now you are ready to perform the updating; a script named
"update_sparccore" is provided and it can be called using
the following syntax:

  update_sparccore -me


  update_sparccore -se


  update_sparccore -ee

From now on, all the commands you use to simulate or to
synthesize the design will refer to the SPARC Core version
you are using.

NOTE: in order to call the "update_sparccore" installed you
*MUST* have Icarus Verilog installed, since it is used to
preprocess the Verilog files; no matter you want to use
another simulator for functional verification.

The argument to the script works as follows:

- S1 Core ME (Memory-less Edition): one thread, no cache;
- S1 Core SE (Single-thread Edition): one thread, usual 16K+8K L1 caches;
- S1 Core EE (Elite Edition): four threads, usual 16K+8K L1 caches.

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