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--  Front-end for SpaceWire Receiver
--  This entity samples the input signals DataIn and StrobeIn to detect
--  valid bit transitions. Received bits are handed to the application.
--  Inputs are sampled on the rising edge of the system clock, therefore
--  the maximum bitrate of the incoming signal must be significantly lower
--  than system clock frequency.
library ieee;
use ieee.std_logic_1164.all;
use ieee.numeric_std.all;
entity spwrecvfront_generic is
    port (
        -- System clock.
        clk:        in  std_logic;
        -- High to enable receiver; low to disable and reset receiver.
        rxen:       in  std_logic;
        -- High if there has been recent activity on the input lines.
        inact:      out std_logic;
        -- High if inbits contains a valid received bit.
        -- If inbvalid='1', the application must sample inbits on
        -- the rising edge of clk.
        inbvalid:   out std_logic;
        -- Received bit
        inbits:     out std_logic_vector(0 downto 0);
        -- Data In signal from SpaceWire bus.
        spw_di:     in  std_logic;
        -- Strobe In signal from SpaceWire bus.
        spw_si:     in  std_logic );
end entity spwrecvfront_generic;
architecture spwrecvfront_arch of spwrecvfront_generic is
    -- input flip-flops
    signal s_spwdi1:    std_ulogic;
    signal s_spwsi1:    std_ulogic;
    signal s_spwdi2:    std_ulogic;
    signal s_spwsi2:    std_ulogic;
    -- data/strobe decoding
    signal s_spwsi3:    std_ulogic;
    -- output registers
    signal s_inbvalid:  std_ulogic;
    signal s_inbit:     std_ulogic;
    -- drive outputs
    inact       <= s_inbvalid;
    inbvalid    <= s_inbvalid;
    inbits(0)   <= s_inbit;
    -- synchronous process
    process (clk) is
        if rising_edge(clk) then
            -- sample input signal
            s_spwdi1    <= spw_di;
            s_spwsi1    <= spw_si;
            -- more flip-flops for safe synchronization
            s_spwdi2    <= s_spwdi1;
            s_spwsi2    <= s_spwsi1;
            -- keep strobe signal for data/strobe decoding
            s_spwsi3    <= s_spwsi2;
            if rxen = '1' then
                -- data/strobe decoding
                s_inbit     <= s_spwdi2;
                s_inbvalid  <= s_spwdi2 xor s_spwsi2 xor s_inbit xor s_spwsi3;
                -- reset receiver
                s_inbit     <= '0';
                s_inbvalid  <= '0';
            end if;
        end if;
    end process;
end architecture spwrecvfront_arch;

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