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This is a ISE 13.1 project to test the spi_master.vhd, spi_slave.vhd and grp_debouncer.vhd models in silicon.
The target board is a Digilent Atlys FPGA board (Spartan-6 @ 100MHz), and the circuit was tested at different SPI clock frequencies.
See the scope screenshots in the file for each SPI frequency tested.
The circuit verifies both master and slave cores, with transmit and receive streams operating full-duplex at 50MHz of SPI clock.

This circuit also includes a very robust debouncing circuit to use with multiple inputs. The model, "grp_debouncer.vhd" is also published under a LGPL license.

The files are:

spi_master.vhd                  vhdl model for the spi_master interface
spi_slave.vhd                   vhdl model for the spi_slave interface
grp_debouncer.vhd               vhdl model for the switch debouncer
spi_master_atlys_top.vhd        vhdl model for the toplevel block to synthesize for the Atlys board
spi_master_atlys_test.vhd       testbench for the synthesizable toplevel 'spi_master_atlys_top.vhd'
spi_master_atlys.xise           ISE 13.1 project file
spi_master_atlys.ucf            pin lock constraints for the Atlys board     Tektronix MSO2014 screenshots for the verification tests
spi_master_envsettings.html     synthesis env settings, with the tools setup used
ATLYS_0x.SET                    Tek MSO2014 settings files with the debug pin names    bitgen file to program the Atlys board


This work is licensed as a LGPL work. If you find this licensing too restrictive for hardware, or it is not adequate for you, please get in touch with me and we can arrange a more suitable open source hardware licensing.

If you need assistance on putting this to work, please place a thread in the OpenCores forum, and I will be glad to answer, or send me e-mail:

If you find a bug or a design fault in the models, or if you have an issue that you like to be addressed, please open a bug/issue in the OpenCores bugtracker for this project, at 


If you find this core useful, please let me know:

In any case, thank you very much for testing this core.

Jonny Doin

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