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This is a ISE 13.1 project to test the spi_master.vhd model in silicon.

The target board is a Digilent Atlys FPGA board (Spartan-6 @ 100MHz), and the circuit was tested at different SPI clock frequencies.

See the scope screenshots in the file for each SPI frequency tested.

This circuit also includes a very robust debouncing circuit to use with multiple inputs. The model, "grp_debouncer.vhd" is also published under a LGPL license.

The files are:

spi_master.vhd                  vhdl model for the spi_master interface
grp_debouncer.vhd               vhdl model for the switch debouncer
spi_master_atlys_top.vhd        vhdl model for the toplevel block to synthesize for the Atlys
spi_master_atlys.xise           ISE 13.1 project file
spi_master_atlys.ucf            pin lock constraints for the Atlys board     Tektronix MSO2014 screenshots for the verification tests
spi_master_envsettings.html     synthesis env settings, with the tools setup used
ATLYS_01.SET                    Tek MSO2014 settings file with the debug pin names    bitgen file to program the Atlys board

If you need assistance on putting this to work, please place a thread in the OpenCores forum, and I will be glad to answer.

If you find a bug or a design fault in the models, or if you have an issue that you like to be addressed, please open a bug/issue in the OpenCores bugtracker for this project, at,spi_master_slave,bugtracker.

In any case, thank you very much for testing this core.

Jonny Doin

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