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imm is either 16 bit sign extended or full 32 bit with prefix instr(except andi1)
there are 32 registers
alu instructions have 6-bit opcode(lowest 6 bits), shared with conditional jumps and load/store and call
2 opcodes reserved for future 64bitload&store (59 & 63)
not shared with in/out
no condition flags exist in this architecture so far, instead, use compare-and-jump
opcode 32 is used for i/o and system instructions, using the other bits
i/o instructions have additional opcode at bits 26:21, but this can be used for system
instructions also.

opcode 30 prefix imm

opcode 0
lih reg1,imm,reg2
lch reg1,imm,reg2 //equivalent
  store imm into upper half of reg2, reg1's lower half into lower half of reg2
opcode 1
li imm,reg
lc imm,reg
  store imm into reg
opcode 2
and reg1,reg2,reg2
opcode 3
andi reg1,imm,reg2
opcode 4
or reg1,reg2,reg3
opcode 5
ori reg1,imm,reg
opcode 6
xor reg1,reg2,reg3
opcode 7
xori reg1,imm,reg2
opcode 8 
add reg1,reg2,reg3
opcode 9
addi reg1,imm,reg2
opcode 10
sub reg1,reg2,reg3
opcode 11
subi reg1,imm,reg2
opcode 12
  no operation
opcode 13
andi1 reg1,imm,reg2
  reg2=reg1 & imm(one extended)

shl reg1,reg2,reg3
shli reg1,imm,reg2
shr reg1,reg2,
shri reg1,imm,reg2
sar reg1,reg2,reg3
sari reg1,imm,reg2

inb r1,r2
inw r1,r2
inl r1,r2

outb r1,r2
outw r1,r2
outl r1,r2

conditional jumps
cjule r1,r2, label
cjc r1,r2, label
cjugt r1,r2, label
cjnc r1,r2, label
cjeq r1,r2, label
cjne r1,r2, label
cjult r1,r2, label
cjuge r1,r2, label
cjn r1,r2, label
cjnn r1,r2, label
cjslt r1,r2, label
cjsge r1,r2, label
cjsle r1,r2, label
cjsgt r1,r2, label
cjo r1,r2, label
cjno r1,r2, label
call r1,imm,r2
  call (r1+imm) return addr=r2
ret r1

ldl r1,imm/label,r2
ldw r1,imm/label,r2
ldb r1,imm/label,r2

stl r1,imm/label,r2
stw r1,imm/label,r2
stb r1,imm/label,r2

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