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Read vhdl_wb_tb/trunk/doc/src/vhdl_wb_tb_Usage_guide.docx first.

This directory contains:

readme.txt    This file, explaining simulation environment       TCL script to be run out of modelsim. Start it from the Modelsim transscript console with 
              "do ../bin/" to initialize the simulation environment. It created all required libs 
              and compiles all sources.          TCL script to be run out of modelsim transscript console wiht "../bin/". Start it to compile 
              all changed files and start the manual simulation. It assigns the alias "s" to itself which allows 
              it to be run later just by typing s+ENTER

If you want to relocate or copy this project, all file paths in rtl_sim/run/sim.mpf must be adjusted to their new

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