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full            system  lock    dualread
full_single     system  lock
bare            nolocal lock    dualread
nolock_nolocal  nolocal nolock  dualread
nolock_system   system  nolock  dualread
piped           system  lock    dualread
cover           system lock     dualread
cover_pipe      system lock     dualread cover piped

~cover: mode prove
cover:  mode cover
depth 16
full:           depth 10
bare:           depth 11
nolock_nolocal: depth 11
nolock_system:  depth 11
piped:          depth 11
cover:          depth 24
cover_pipe:     depth 45

# smtbmc yices
smtbmc --nopresat boolector
# abc pdr
# aiger suprove
# aiger avy

read -formal -D DCACHE fwb_master.v
read -formal -D DCACHE iscachable.v
read -formal -D DCACHE dcache.v
piped:          chparam -set OPT_PIPE      1 dcache
~piped:         chparam -set OPT_PIPE      0 dcache
dualread:       chparam -set OPT_DUAL_READ_PORT 1 dcache
~dualread:      chparam -set OPT_DUAL_READ_PORT 0 dcache
lock:           chparam -set OPT_LOCK      1 dcache
system:         chparam -set OPT_LOCAL_BUS 1 dcache
nolock:         chparam -set OPT_LOCK      0 dcache
nolocal:        chparam -set OPT_LOCAL_BUS 0 dcache
prep -top dcache


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