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pipe_div_mpy_cis_opipe          pipelind   div   mpy   cis   pipemem
pipe_div_mpy_cis_nopipe         pipelind   div   mpy   cis   nopipemem
pipe_div_mpy_nocis_pipe         pipelind   div   mpy   nocis pipemem
pipe_div_mpy_nocis_nopipe       pipelind   div   mpy   nocis nopipemem
pipe_div_nompy_nocis_nopipe     pipelind   div   nompy nocis nopipemem
pipe_nodiv_nompy_nocis_nopipe   pipelind   nodiv nompy nocis nopipemem
nopipe_nodiv_nompy_nocis_nopipe nopipelind nodiv nompy nocis nopipemem

mode prove
depth 10


read -formal -D IDECODE idecode.v
read -formal -D IDECODE f_idecode.v

nopipelind: chparam -set OPT_PIPELINED 0 idecode
pipelind:   chparam -set OPT_PIPELINED 1 idecode

nodiv: chparam -set OPT_DIVIDE 0 idecode
div:   chparam -set OPT_DIVIDE 1 idecode

nompy: chparam -set OPT_MPY 0 idecode
mpy:   chparam -set OPT_MPY 1 idecode

nocis: chparam -set OPT_CIS 0 idecode
cis:   chparam -set OPT_CIS 1 idecode

nopipemem: chparam -set OPT_OPIPE 0 idecode
pipemem:   chparam -set OPT_OPIPE 1 idecode

prep -top idecode


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