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## The ZipCPU's Simulator

This directory contains the basic ZipCPU simulator.

Ok, even this isn't the *best* simulator of the ZipCPU.  While this simulator
*is* fully functional, it only simulates the
[ZipCPU](../../rtl/core/zipcpu.v), encased in either the
or the [ZipBones](../../rtl/zipbones.v),
plus [memory](memsim.cpp).  This simulator doesn't handle any interactions
with the
[flash](,qspiflash), the
[serial port](, the
[SD-card](, etc.  All of these interactions
(and more) are available from the
within the
[ZBasic repository](

However, this simulator *is* very basic to the CPU's functionality.  If you
just want to know if the CPU works by itself, if it can properly execute the
instructions given to it--even to the point of testing
interrupts etc, then this simulation will work.  It's just not fully
functional for testing all of the other peripheral components necessary
to make a CPU useful.

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