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361 created branch unneback unneback 3397d 20h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
351 Turn defines into parameters in eth_cop olof 3417d 11h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
350 Turn M[1-2]_ADDRESSED_S[1-2] defines into wires olof 3417d 12h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
346 Updated project location olof 3419d 14h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
338 root 4223d 17h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
335 New directory structure. root 4280d 22h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
330 Warning fixes. igorm 5757d 19h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
304 WISHBONE slave changed and tested from only 32-bit accesss to byte access. tadejm 6224d 13h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
302 mbist signals updated according to newest convention markom 6251d 00h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
297 Artisan ram instance added. simons 6314d 15h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
286 Define file in eth_cop.v is changed to eth_defines.v. Some defines were
moved from tb_eth_defines.v to eth_defines.v.
mohor 6376d 20h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
253 r_MiiMRst is not used for resetting the MIIM module. wb_rst used instead. mohor 6582d 14h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
246 Since r_Rst bit is not used any more, default value is changed to 0xa000. mohor 6586d 17h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
238 Defines fixed to use generic RAM by default. mohor 6600d 14h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
232 fpga define added. mohor 6608d 13h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
213 Defines changed to have ETH_ prolog.
ETH_WISHBONE_B# define added.
mohor 6622d 15h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
211 Bist added. mohor 6622d 15h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
203 Virtual Silicon RAM might be used in the ASIC implementation of the ethernet
mohor 6639d 13h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
145 Defines for control registers added (ETH_TXCTRL and ETH_RXCTRL). mohor 6658d 13h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v
137 Defines for register width added. mii_rst signal in MIIMODER register
mohor 6677d 10h /ethmac/branches/unneback/rtl/verilog/eth_defines.v

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