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234 Figure list assed to the revision 3. mohor 6843d 18h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
233 Revision 0.3 released. Some figures added. mohor 6843d 19h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
231 Description of Core Modules added (figure). mohor 6850d 15h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
201 Core size added to the document. mohor 6882d 16h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
200 File with lower case checked in instead. mohor 6882d 16h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
199 Datasheet name changed to lower case name. mohor 6882d 16h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
198 Removed file. File with name in lower case will be added instead. mohor 6882d 16h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
197 Ethernet Data Sheet. mohor 6882d 16h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
196 Ethernet product brief. mohor 6882d 17h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
195 Product brief removed because it is the same as Datasheet. mohor 6882d 18h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
193 Temp version (backup). mohor 6882d 20h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
163 Another temporary version. Core is almost finished. Testbench not included,
mohor 6893d 14h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
162 Another temporary version. Core is almost finished. Testbench not included,
mohor 6893d 14h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
154 Design document is still under construction. mohor 6897d 21h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
153 Temp version (backup). mohor 6898d 12h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
152 Version 1.16 created. See revision history in the document for details. mohor 6898d 12h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
135 New revision. External DMA removed, TX_BD_NUM changed. mohor 6919d 12h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
130 First draft of the Ethernet design document. Not a finished version. Still many
things missing.
mohor 6919d 15h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
99 Document revised. mohor 7040d 18h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
98 Document revised. mohor 7040d 18h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
89 TX_BD_NUM, MAC_ADDR0 and MAC_ADDR1 register description
mohor 7071d 18h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
81 Typos fixed, INT_SOURCE and INT_MASK registers changed. mohor 7084d 14h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
71 Address recognition system added. Buffer Descriptors changed. DMA section
changed. Ports changed.
mohor 7096d 21h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
45 Ethernet Datasheet added. mohor 7102d 22h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
44 Ethernet Datasheet added to cvs. mohor 7102d 22h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
35 RX_BD_NUM changed to TX_BD_NUM. Few typos corrected. mohor 7171d 17h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
31 RX_BD_NUM register added instead of the RB_BD_ADDR. mohor 7171d 23h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
30 BD section updated. mohor 7173d 19h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
28 New release. Name changed to lower case. mohor 7196d 10h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/
27 File names changed to lower case. mohor 7196d 10h /ethmac/tags/rel_11/doc/

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