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92 Some defines that are used in testbench only were moved to tb_eth_defines.v
mohor 6829d 10h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
91 Comments in Slovene language removed. mohor 6829d 10h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
90 casex changed with case, fifo reset changed. mohor 6829d 10h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
89 TX_BD_NUM, MAC_ADDR0 and MAC_ADDR1 register description
mohor 6833d 08h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
88 rx_fifo was not always cleared ok. Fixed. mohor 6839d 07h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
87 Status was not latched correctly sometimes. Fixed. mohor 6839d 09h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
86 Big Endian problem when sending frames fixed. mohor 6840d 16h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
85 Log info was missing. mohor 6846d 02h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
84 LinkFail signal was not latching appropriate bit. mohor 6846d 02h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
83 MAC address recognition was not correct (bytes swaped). mohor 6846d 02h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
82 Byte ordering changed (Big Endian used). casex changed with case because
Xilinx Foundation had problems. Tested in HW. It WORKS.
mohor 6846d 04h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
81 Typos fixed, INT_SOURCE and INT_MASK registers changed. mohor 6846d 04h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
80 Small fixes for external/internal DMA missmatches. mohor 6850d 06h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
79 RetryCntLatched was unused and removed from design mohor 6850d 06h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
78 WB_SEL_I was unused and removed from design mohor 6850d 07h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
77 Interrupts changed mohor 6850d 07h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
76 Interrupts changed in the top file mohor 6850d 07h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
75 r_Bro is used for accepting/denying frames mohor 6850d 07h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
74 Reset values are passed to registers through parameters mohor 6850d 07h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/
73 Number of interrupts changed mohor 6850d 07h /ethmac/tags/runing_under_uclinux/

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