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348 Added option to dump VCD files olof 3386d 23h /ethmac/trunk/
347 Added information about running with Icarus Verilog olof 3387d 00h /ethmac/trunk/
346 Updated project location olof 3387d 02h /ethmac/trunk/
345 Temporarily disable failing tests olof 3387d 03h /ethmac/trunk/
344 bit 9 in phy control register is self clearing olof 3393d 05h /ethmac/trunk/
343 Address miss should not be asserted on short frames olof 3397d 01h /ethmac/trunk/
342 Added cast to avoid inequality when comparing different data types olof 3397d 01h /ethmac/trunk/
341 Reset AdressMiss signal on new frames to prevent reporting the old status if new frame is short olof 3397d 02h /ethmac/trunk/
340 Don't fail if log dir already exists olof 3397d 23h /ethmac/trunk/
339 Added basic support for Icarus Verilog olof 3398d 22h /ethmac/trunk/
338 root 4191d 04h /ethmac/trunk/
335 New directory structure. root 4248d 09h /ethernet/trunk/
334 Minor fixes for Icarus simulator. igorm 5696d 11h /trunk/
333 Some small fixes + some troubles fixed. igorm 5696d 23h /trunk/
332 Case statement improved for synthesys. igorm 5710d 05h /trunk/
331 Tests for delayed CRC and defer indication added. igorm 5725d 06h /trunk/
330 Warning fixes. igorm 5725d 06h /trunk/
329 Defer indication fixed. igorm 5725d 08h /trunk/
328 Delayed CRC fixed. igorm 5725d 08h /trunk/
327 Defer indication fixed. igorm 5725d 08h /trunk/
326 Delayed CRC fixed. igorm 5725d 08h /trunk/
325 Defer indication fixed. igorm 5725d 09h /trunk/
323 Accidently deleted line put back. igorm 6022d 09h /trunk/
321 - Bug connected to the TX_BD_NUM_Wr signal fixed (bug came in with the
previous update of the core.
- TxBDAddress is set to 0 after the TX is enabled in the MODER register.
- RxBDAddress is set to r_TxBDNum<<1 after the RX is enabled in the MODER
register. (thanks to Mathias and Torbjorn)
- Multicast reception was fixed. Thanks to Ulrich Gries
igorm 6026d 04h /trunk/
320 TX_BD_NUM_Wr error fixed. Error was entered with the last check-in. igorm 6026d 08h /trunk/
319 Latest Ethernet IP core testbench. tadejm 6057d 03h /trunk/
318 Latest Ethernet IP core testbench. tadejm 6057d 03h /trunk/
317 Multicast detection fixed. Only the LSB of the first byte is checked. igorm 6066d 10h /trunk/
315 Updated testbench. Some more testcases, some repaired. tadejm 6169d 06h /trunk/
312 Corrected address mismatch for xilinx RAMB4_S8 model which has wider address than RAMB4_S16. tadejm 6169d 07h /trunk/

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