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338 root 4766d 03h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
335 New directory structure. root 4823d 08h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
268 Release 1.19. Control frame description changed. mohor 7116d 23h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
262 Version 1.18 released.
MIIMRST (Reset of the MIIM module) not used any more in the MIIMODER
register. Control Frame bit (CF) added to the RX buffer descriptor. Control
frame detection section updated.
mohor 7122d 16h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
245 Rev 1.7. mohor 7129d 21h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
235 rev 4. mohor 7145d 20h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
234 Figure list assed to the revision 3. mohor 7146d 04h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
233 Revision 0.3 released. Some figures added. mohor 7146d 04h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
231 Description of Core Modules added (figure). mohor 7153d 00h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
201 Core size added to the document. mohor 7185d 01h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
200 File with lower case checked in instead. mohor 7185d 01h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
199 Datasheet name changed to lower case name. mohor 7185d 02h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
198 Removed file. File with name in lower case will be added instead. mohor 7185d 02h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
197 Ethernet Data Sheet. mohor 7185d 02h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
196 Ethernet product brief. mohor 7185d 03h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
195 Product brief removed because it is the same as Datasheet. mohor 7185d 03h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
193 Temp version (backup). mohor 7185d 05h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
163 Another temporary version. Core is almost finished. Testbench not included,
mohor 7195d 23h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
162 Another temporary version. Core is almost finished. Testbench not included,
mohor 7195d 23h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
154 Design document is still under construction. mohor 7200d 06h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
153 Temp version (backup). mohor 7200d 21h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
152 Version 1.16 created. See revision history in the document for details. mohor 7200d 21h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
135 New revision. External DMA removed, TX_BD_NUM changed. mohor 7221d 21h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
130 First draft of the Ethernet design document. Not a finished version. Still many
things missing.
mohor 7222d 00h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
99 Document revised. mohor 7343d 03h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
98 Document revised. mohor 7343d 03h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
89 TX_BD_NUM, MAC_ADDR0 and MAC_ADDR1 register description
mohor 7374d 03h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
81 Typos fixed, INT_SOURCE and INT_MASK registers changed. mohor 7386d 23h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
71 Address recognition system added. Buffer Descriptors changed. DMA section
changed. Ports changed.
mohor 7399d 06h /ethmac/trunk/doc/
45 Ethernet Datasheet added. mohor 7405d 07h /ethmac/trunk/doc/

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