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Rev Log message Author Age Path
65 New directory structure. root 4333d 03h /gpio/trunk/
63 reorganice core, add synchronization flops. simont 6030d 16h /trunk/
62 Reorganize core, add synchronization flops. simont 6030d 16h /trunk/
60 Bugfixes when GPIO_RGPIO_ECLK/GPIO_RGPIO_NEC disabled, gpio oe name change and set to active-high according to spec andreje 6102d 17h /trunk/
56 added ECLK and NEC registers, all tests passed. gorand 6242d 12h /trunk/
54 changed by simulation. gorand 6250d 14h /trunk/
53 file deleted. dir keeper file added. gorand 6250d 14h /trunk/
52 ifndef directive is not supported by all tools. simons 6258d 08h /trunk/
50 changes, for VATS... script renamed, running with no arguments... gorand 6258d 11h /trunk/
48 added some files, needed for VATS... gorand 6259d 13h /trunk/
47 small "names" modification... gorand 6259d 13h /trunk/
45 small changes, for VATS... gorand 6260d 09h /trunk/
43 script renamed, VATS... gorand 6269d 16h /trunk/
41 small changes, to satisfy VATS.. gorand 6270d 11h /trunk/
40 script added... gorand 6270d 11h /trunk/
39 script added... support for wave and to satisfy VATS... gorand 6270d 11h /trunk/
37 tests passed. gorand 6279d 02h /trunk/
36 bug fixed. all tests passed. gorand 6279d 02h /trunk/
34 added support for 8-bit access to registers. gorand 6283d 11h /trunk/
31 Bug fix. Interrupts were also asserted when condition was not met. lampret 6636d 03h /trunk/
29 Added ifdef to remove mux from clk_pad_i if mux is not allowed. This also removes RGPIO_CTRL[NEC]. lampret 6643d 04h /trunk/
27 negedge flops are enabled by default. lampret 6832d 07h /trunk/
26 Removed zero padding as per Avi Shamli suggestion. lampret 6886d 05h /trunk/
25 Ports changed per Ran Aviram suggestions. lampret 6886d 05h /trunk/
24 Interrupt is asserted only when an input changes (code patch by Jacob Gorban) lampret 6890d 22h /trunk/
23 Changed registered WISHBONE outputs wb_ack_o/wb_err_o to follow WB specification. lampret 6944d 06h /trunk/
22 Fixed two typos. lampret 6964d 08h /trunk/
21 Added RGPIO_INTS. lampret 6964d 08h /trunk/
20 Fixing style. lampret 6977d 05h /trunk/
19 Fixed bug when wb_inta_o is registered (GPIO_WB_REGISTERED_OUTPUTS) lampret 6977d 18h /trunk/

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