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74 Added SCL/SDA line filter rherveille 4640d 03h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
73 Fixed double wishbone write in a single access rherveille 4640d 03h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
68 New directory structure. root 4948d 21h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
63 Added clock synchronization logic
Fixed slave_wait signal
rherveille 4997d 09h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
62 Fixed synopsys miss spell (synopsis)
Fixed cr[0] register width
Fixed ! usage instead of ~
Fixed bit controller parameter width to 18bits
rherveille 4997d 23h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
57 fixed short scl high pulse after clock stretch
fixed slave model not returning correct '(n)ack' signal
rherveille 5866d 10h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
55 Fixed register overwrite issue.
Removed full_case pragma, replaced it by a default statement.
rherveille 6420d 10h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
52 Fixed a bug where the core would signal an arbitration lost (AL bit set), when another master controls the bus and the other master generates a STOP bit. rherveille 6716d 09h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
47 Fixed a potential bug in the statemachine. During a 'stop' 2 cmd_ack signals were generated. Possibly canceling a new start command. rherveille 6795d 08h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
40 Fix a blocking vs. non-blocking error in the wb_dat output mux. rherveille 6965d 09h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
38 Fixed a bug in the Arbitration Lost generation caused by delay on the (external) sda line.
Fixed a potential bug in the byte controller's host-acknowledge generation.
rherveille 6988d 13h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
36 Fixed cmd_ack generation item (no bug). rherveille 7140d 05h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
35 Fixed a bug where the core would trigger an erroneous 'arbitration lost' interrupt after being reset, when the reset pulse width < 3 clk cycles. rherveille 7173d 20h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
33 Fixed a bug in the Command Register declaration. rherveille 7200d 03h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
30 Small code simplifications rherveille 7214d 04h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
29 Core is now a Multimaster I2C controller rherveille 7214d 05h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
27 Cleaned up code rherveille 7239d 21h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
24 Fixed some reported minor start/stop generation timing issuess. rherveille 7271d 01h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
22 Fixed a small timing bug in the bit controller.\nAdded verilog simulation environment. rherveille 7408d 12h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/
16 Changed PRER reset value from 0x0000 to 0xffff, conform specs. rherveille 7625d 09h /i2c/trunk/rtl/verilog/

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