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152 Roll back to retrieve minsoc from branches/rc-1.0. rfajardo 4611d 12h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/utils
150 Updating installation script to retrieve minsoc from tags/release-1.0. rfajardo 4611d 12h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/utils
147 Updating minsoc_bench.v to correctly acquire uart data.

Uart drivers: when an end of line character was sent, the driver appended a carriage return to it. This is not necessary and has been removed.
-Eth and Uart firmwares also had a carriage return after the end of line, also removed.

Minsoc_bench_defines.v: Renaming VCD_OUTPUT define to WAVEFORM_OUTPUT

run_bench: selecting -lxt2 for waveform output format. This output format size is 10 times smaller than vcd. lxt2 output format requires that Icarus Verilog be installed with zlib support. For that, we now check if zlib is supported on script run.
rfajardo 4616d 10h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/utils
143 Compiling firmwares in board configuration scripts instead of on global minsoc setup. rfajardo 4617d 12h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/utils
138 DIR_TO_INSTALL creation using wizard ConX. 4618d 01h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/utils
136 Installation on Ubuntu-11.10 has shown that a binary called makeinfo is required to install GDB. This binary can be installed on Ubuntu by installing the package texinfo. rfajardo 4625d 07h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/utils
122 Renaming to rfajardo 4643d 01h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/utils
121 Asserting svn:executable properties of modelsim/*.bat scripts.

Including corrected patch for advanced debug system watchpoints under utils/setup. Configure script updated to use this instead of advanced debug system patches. This will remain so until the patch is corrected. The previous line still has the correct command.
rfajardo 4643d 03h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/utils
115 script dir aware. logging to script dir.
rfajardo 4643d 08h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/utils
114 Installation and Configuration scripts can be run out of any directory.
They assume they are going to process the files and directories found in the directory they are run from.
rfajardo 4643d 09h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/utils
113 &
-aware of location of script
-does not block on patch error

spartan3e_starter_kit & spartan3e_starter_kit_eth:
-or1200_defines.v updated

-src/blackboxes/or1200_top.v adjusted to or1200_rel1
-Makefile had a typo regarding altera vhdl files
rfajardo 4643d 09h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/utils
112 Updating installation & configuration scripts. rfajardo 4644d 00h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/utils
111 DIR_TO_INSTALL is required before using rfajardo 4644d 01h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/utils
110 Fixing several minor issues with the system:
-minsoc-install splitted into installation and configuration can be used to configure a fresh checked out system
-configure script used by both and to configure

-rtl/verilog: svn externals fixed
-or1200 rolled back to release-1.0

-Makefile has been used by simulation to differentiate project definition of vhdl and verilog files
-Altera was differentiating it in script
-now there are two scripts, one for vhdl and another for verilog. The differentiation occurs in Makefile as for simulation.
-altera_3c25_board/configure scripts had to be updated, vprj and vhdprj file extensions used to differentiate Verilog and VHDL project files.

-prj/src: or1200_top.prj downdated to definition of or1200_v1
rfajardo 4644d 01h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/utils
109 Creating a branche for release candidate 1.0. rfajardo 4644d 03h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/utils
106 Installation script was checking the ENV variable before setting it. rfajardo 4644d 12h /minsoc/trunk/utils
103 But the file is called gdb-6.8a.tar.bz2, so tar must be run on that name. rfajardo 4654d 03h /minsoc/trunk/utils
102 GNU GDB FTP has renamed gdb-6.8 package to gdb-6.8a package. Uncompressed it remains gdb-6.8, so no other changes to script are necessary. rfajardo 4654d 03h /minsoc/trunk/utils
83 bzip2 program was being used, but its existance on target system was not being verified. It is now. rfajardo 4706d 13h /minsoc/trunk/utils
82 problems with copying the GNU Toolchain from download to tools. We uncompress the GNU Toolchain now once again to tools during the installation part. rfajardo 4709d 12h /minsoc/trunk/utils

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