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44 toplevel of the Modular Simultaneous Exponentiation IP core for the PLB interface JonasDC 4257d 13h /
43 made the core parameters generics JonasDC 4257d 13h /
42 corrected wrong library name for mod_sim_exp_pkg JonasDC 4263d 20h /
41 removed deprecated files from version control JonasDC 4263d 21h /
40 adjusted core instantiation to new core module name JonasDC 4272d 01h /
39 changed files to remove warnings from synthesis
last cell logic is simplified because of redundant logic
JonasDC 4272d 12h /
38 deprecated design files because of new pipeline structure, will be removed shortly JonasDC 4272d 17h /
37 changed names of some generics of the multiplier.
moved the parameters for the core to the package of the core
testbench now uses this parameters to adapt to different bit widths

and new systolic pipeline now supports split or single pipeline
JonasDC 4276d 14h /
36 found bug in new pipeline structure, now working properly. (tested in sim)
mod_sim_exp_core uses new flexible pipeline as default.
JonasDC 4277d 10h /
35 new test values, 1st exponentiation gives error on result with new pipeline
commit for test purposes
JonasDC 4277d 13h /
34 operand memory now supports custom operand widths, the internal memory stays the fixed 1536 bit, but the bus width is now adjustable to any size below. JonasDC 4277d 14h /
33 default pipeline changed to old version, there seems to be an occasional error with new version. JonasDC 4277d 17h /
32 new systolic pipeline structure now has split pipeline support, tested and verified in simulation. the core now uses this pipeline by default. JonasDC 4277d 18h /
31 put first cell logic of the pipeline in a separate design unit, tested and working JonasDC 4277d 23h /
30 put last cell logic of the pipeline in a separate design unit, tested and working JonasDC 4277d 23h /
29 added software for generation of test input for the tesbenches JonasDC 4278d 13h /
28 updated makefile for new pipeline sources JonasDC 4278d 13h /
27 test input values for multiplier_tb JonasDC 4278d 13h /
26 testbench for only the montgommery multiplier JonasDC 4278d 13h /
25 first version of new pipeline design. allows for more flexibility in nr of stages.
does not support split pipeline support yet. currently only works for single pipeline
JonasDC 4278d 13h /
24 changed names of top-level module to mod_sim_exp_core JonasDC 4281d 22h /
23 added descriptive comments JonasDC 4282d 00h /
22 updated the systolic pipeline with descriptive signal names and comments JonasDC 4284d 17h /
21 changed x_i signal to xi JonasDC 4286d 01h /
20 added comments, changed signal name of x_reg_i to x_reg.
File is now according to OC design rules
JonasDC 4286d 01h /
19 updated files with descriptive comments
changed signal names and removed redundant signals in stepping_logic
JonasDC 4290d 20h /
18 updated stages with comments and renamed some signals for consistency JonasDC 4291d 20h /
17 updated files with descriptive comments and removed unnecessary signals in standard stage. Files are now according to OC design rules JonasDC 4292d 01h /
16 package with modified generic parameter for register_n JonasDC 4292d 14h /
15 changed generic for register width from n to width for consistency JonasDC 4292d 14h /

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