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64 added synthesis reports of xilinx and altera JonasDC 3624d 16h /
63 now using a generic description of the ram for the memory. the core now should synthesize for al fpga's, no device specific code anymore. tested and synthesizes for altera and xilinx JonasDC 3624d 17h /
62 not used anymore JonasDC 3624d 19h /
61 updated comments, added optional altera constraint JonasDC 3624d 19h /
60 generic version of the fifo, not device specific anymore, uses dpram_generic
updated comments of RAM templates.
JonasDC 3627d 10h /
59 added templates that correctly infer RAM, for dual port en true dual port RAM
added general functions file, (used in the two RAM templates)
JonasDC 3627d 10h /
58 made fifo full a warning JonasDC 3630d 10h /
57 new fifo design, is now generic (verified with altera and xilinx) and uses block ram JonasDC 3630d 10h /
56 this is a branch to test performance of a new style of ram JonasDC 3630d 13h /
55 updated resource usage in comments JonasDC 3631d 09h /
54 generic fifo design: correctrly inferred by xilinx and altera JonasDC 3631d 10h /
53 correctly inferred ram for altera dual port ram JonasDC 3631d 16h /
52 correct inferring of blockram, no additional resources. JonasDC 3631d 17h /
51 true dual port ram for xilinx JonasDC 3631d 17h /
50 added folder for ram descriptions
added experimental simple dual port ram implementation for xilinx
JonasDC 3631d 17h /
49 First full stable version with documentation.
Includes flexible pipeline design, PLB interface and the RAM and FIFO is still using xilinx primitives.
JonasDC 3643d 12h /
48 Tag of the starting version of the project JonasDC 3643d 13h /
47 added documentation for the IP core. JonasDC 3711d 17h /
46 chance run_auto port or mod_sim_exp_core to exp_m JonasDC 3711d 17h /
45 chance run_auto port or mod_sim_exp_core to exp_m JonasDC 3711d 17h /

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