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27 test input values for multiplier_tb JonasDC 4267d 05h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
26 testbench for only the montgommery multiplier JonasDC 4267d 05h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
25 first version of new pipeline design. allows for more flexibility in nr of stages.
does not support split pipeline support yet. currently only works for single pipeline
JonasDC 4267d 05h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
24 changed names of top-level module to mod_sim_exp_core JonasDC 4270d 14h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
23 added descriptive comments JonasDC 4270d 16h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
22 updated the systolic pipeline with descriptive signal names and comments JonasDC 4273d 09h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
21 changed x_i signal to xi JonasDC 4274d 17h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
20 added comments, changed signal name of x_reg_i to x_reg.
File is now according to OC design rules
JonasDC 4274d 17h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
19 updated files with descriptive comments
changed signal names and removed redundant signals in stepping_logic
JonasDC 4279d 12h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
18 updated stages with comments and renamed some signals for consistency JonasDC 4280d 12h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
17 updated files with descriptive comments and removed unnecessary signals in standard stage. Files are now according to OC design rules JonasDC 4280d 17h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
16 package with modified generic parameter for register_n JonasDC 4281d 06h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
15 changed generic for register width from n to width for consistency JonasDC 4281d 06h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
14 changed comments, file is now according to OC design rules JonasDC 4281d 06h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
13 added some descriptive comments and added check for incorrect value's of width and block_width.
File is now according to OC design rules
JonasDC 4281d 06h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
12 updated comments, file is now completely according to design rules JonasDC 4281d 06h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
11 simulation output folder JonasDC 4281d 09h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
10 changed signal input port names to correct name JonasDC 4281d 11h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
9 added descriptive comments, and renamed input mux_result from cell_1b_adder to b for a more generic multipurpose code
also renamed output s from n_adder to r, to keep same signal names
JonasDC 4281d 11h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/
8 added descriptive comments JonasDC 4281d 14h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/

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