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94 BIG update: core now supports different clock speed for the multiplier core, so more performance is posible. currently this version is working in simulation and is being tested on hardware. Changes in this update include:
- changed RAM and memory to support different clocks
- new FIFO that supports dual clock (slightly modified version of generic_fifo's on
- parameter C_FIFO_DEPTH is now replace by C_FIFO_AW (address width of the fifo pointers)
- added logic for control signals to cross from one clock domain to another
- updated testbenches and interfaces accordingly
- added log of synthesis of the 2 new fifo's for Xilinx
JonasDC 3624d 12h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/rtl/vhdl/interface/axi/
91 changed interrupt structure of AXI4-Lite interface. Now the interrupt has to be acknowledged by clearing the appropriate interrupt source flag in the control register. JonasDC 3628d 20h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/rtl/vhdl/interface/axi/
90 reverted changes from previous revision, updated AXI version with testbench JonasDC 3630d 11h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/rtl/vhdl/interface/axi/
89 updated vhdl files so now different clock frequencies are posible for the core and bus interface. JonasDC 3694d 09h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/rtl/vhdl/interface/axi/
86 update on previous JonasDC 3700d 11h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/rtl/vhdl/interface/axi/
85 changed so that reset now also affects slave register JonasDC 3700d 11h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/rtl/vhdl/interface/axi/
84 AXI-Lite interface updated, now tested and verified on Xilinx FPGA
renamed C_DEVICE parameter, because of conflicts with restricted parameter in xilinx XPS
JonasDC 3701d 19h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/rtl/vhdl/interface/axi/
82 added first version of axi-lite interface and testbench for basic axi-lite operations, now under test JonasDC 3720d 16h /mod_sim_exp/trunk/rtl/vhdl/interface/axi/

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