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319 Fixed off-by-one error in channel count jshamlet 180d 21h /
318 Added o8_scale_conv.vhd and intdiv.vhd jshamlet 184d 23h /
317 Altered the reinit signal on teh adc128s022.vhd driver to be optional, and removed the "dead" signal from the upper level o8_de0_nano_adc_if.vhd code. jshamlet 198d 20h /
316 More code cleanup and comments,
Removed INT_VECTOR_n constants, as they are superfluous. There are no reasonable situations in which the constants would be altered.
jshamlet 198d 20h /
315 Added Terasic DE0 Nano ADC interface and rolling averager. jshamlet 198d 21h /
314 Code cleanup and added comments jshamlet 198d 22h /
313 Added all generics to package component jshamlet 198d 23h /
312 Added o8_timer24.vhd as a more flexible alternative to o8_sys_timer_ii.vhd.
Also cleaned up some comments in the HTML documentation
jshamlet 199d 00h /
311 Updated documentation to reflect generic switch controlling ROR/ROL behavior and the carry bit jshamlet 242d 20h /
310 Added optional DACadv signal to advance the PWM engine using an external signal. This is used to synchronize the DAC with other DACs or for streaming multiple streams across a high-speed serial link. jshamlet 270d 01h /
309 Comment cleanup jshamlet 280d 09h /
308 jshamlet 291d 15h /
307 Fixed comments on o8_version.vhd jshamlet 499d 01h /
306 Moved REINIT_TASK_TABLE_PTR call to INITIALIZE_TASK_STACK jshamlet 503d 03h /
305 More code cleanup - rearranged macros and moved stack init to separate macro jshamlet 503d 03h /
304 Modified TASK_SETUP to use the same macros as the rest of the task switcher and cleaned up the code some more. jshamlet 503d 03h /
303 Fixed working, but "incorrect" code (constants were right, but were named incorrectly jshamlet 503d 15h /
302 Corrected issue where register state wasn't being preserved for user function stubs,
Modified FREEMEM calc to use the region size constant.
jshamlet 503d 15h /
301 Adding actual task manager files jshamlet 505d 13h /
300 Adding core task manager assembly jshamlet 505d 13h /

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