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868 Declare du_flush_pipe in or1200_top

Signed-off-by: Olof Kindgren <olof at>
olof 2150d 15h /openrisc/
867 Publish OR1K 1.1 architecture spec

- Add atomicity chapter.
- Add l.lwa and l.swa instructions.
stekern 2277d 12h /openrisc/
866 orpsocv2: correct build/par issue on Atlys board

From patch submission e-mail:

The first of the series is an issue that has been around since the
beginning (at least based on the svn log files) and traces its root to the
first Xilinx board supported by orpsocv2, the ML501. Apparently Makefile
for the final place-and-route process in all the builds contains a typo
which leads to the routing tool not using any timing constraint at all.

Patch by: Jason Zheng <>
stekern 2297d 17h /openrisc/
865 Raise illegal instruction exception when l.ror is not implemented

Instead of throwing an illegal instruction exception when the rotate
instructions are disabled (OR1200_ALU_IMPL_ROTATE is undefined), another
instruction (slr?) was executed instead.

This closes bug 97

Signed-off-by: Olof Kindgren <olof at>
acked-by: Julius Baxter <julius at>
olof 2481d 13h /openrisc/
864 ORPSoC: Merge display_arch_state tasks

or1200-monitor contains the tasks display_arch_state and display_arch_state_except which are almost identical. This patch merges these two tasks into one, with a parameter to specify whether it should print out "(exception)" or not

Signed-off-by: Olof Kindgren <>
olof 2574d 00h /openrisc/
863 ORPSoC: Add paramers to or1200-monitor for setting name and path of log files

Two small patches in one to make or1200-monitor more useful outside of orpsocv2:
- Setting log path with a parameter allows more flexible directory layout
- if the plusarg "testcase" is set at runtime, this is used to set a unique
prefix for the log files. Plusargs are currently not used in orpsocv2, so if
it is not set, the name falls back to the value of the parameter
TEST_NAME_STRING. The value of the parameter is set to the define
`TEST_NAME_STRING in the test bench top levele to avoid any changes to the
orpsocv2 scripts. With this, we can get rid of `include test-defines in

Signed-off-by: Olof Kindgren <>
olof 2580d 04h /openrisc/
862 sysc: avoid using orpsoc internal classes directly

The problem with using the internal classes directly is
that you have to use the internally generated name,
this in itself is perhaps not such a big issue, the issue
is that the internal name changes when the underlaying verilog
design changes.
This works around this by using the classes through the
top module, which is part of the external api.
stekern 2590d 20h /openrisc/
861 sysc: include unistd.h

write, read, pipe et al are declared in this, newer gcc will
warn on missing declerations, thus making the build to fail
stekern 2590d 20h /openrisc/
860 or1200_monitor.v: Remove trailing whitespace olof 2595d 01h /openrisc/
859 Execute trapped instruction after breakpoint is removed

Closes bug #104

When the instruction replaced by a trap instruction is restored by the
debugger, this instruction is not executed.

Proposed solution:

- Checked for a debug unstall condition plus a trap condition in
or1200_du(dbg_stall && |except_stop).

- Then, when this event occur, flush the entire pipeline (in or1200_ctrl) and
set the pc to npc in or1200_genpc(which is equal to the trapped instruction

Signed-off-by: Franck Jullien <crevars at>
acked-by: Olof Kindgren <olof at>
olof 2595d 03h /openrisc/
858 orpsoc/tests: Fix or1200-dsxinsn when caches are not present

This test would go into an endless loop when caches are not present.
stekern 2695d 09h /openrisc/
857 orpsocv2: remove reference to r32 in context save/restore julius 2704d 23h /openrisc/
856 Fixed rounding of UART divisor skrzyp 2749d 02h /openrisc/
855 Publish OR1K 1.0 architecture spec julius 2792d 01h /openrisc/
854 Add OR1200_OR32_LWS define to board specific or1200_defines.v stekern 2801d 18h /openrisc/
853 Declare pcreg_boot before usage

When things were moved around in rev 813, this error was introduced

Signed-off-by: Olof Kindgren <olof at>
acked-by: Julius Baxter <julius at>
olof 2827d 03h /openrisc/
852 Declare pcreg_boot before usage

When things were moved around in rev 813, this error was introduced

Signed-off-by: Olof Kindgren <olof at>
acked-by: Julius Baxter <julius at>
olof 2827d 03h /openrisc/
851 changed branch delay flags skrzyp 2830d 03h /openrisc/
850 or1200_genpc: fix ipcu_cycstb_o generation

In some circumstances the CPU is still waiting for the lsu to finish
while in a pre branch state. However, ipcu_cycstb_o is set and the cycle
starts with the wrong address on the iwb bus (the one before the
branched address).

This fixes this issue.

Patch by: Franck Jullien <>
stekern 2841d 19h /openrisc/
849 or1200: Fix for cache bug related to first_{hit|miss}_ack

Under certain circumstances, when first_hit_ack and
first_miss_ack is asserted at the same time, cache data
would wrongly be overwritten with bus data.

Patch by: Matthew Hicks <>
stekern 2841d 19h /openrisc/

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