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12 Adding the sources for the extended Quad SPI flash test bench. dgisselq 1771d 00h /qspiflash/
11 This code has been proven, and is currently working within an Arty platform. dgisselq 1771d 00h /qspiflash/
10 Switched to Quad Output mode by default. dgisselq 1787d 21h /qspiflash/
9 Minor changes to the baseline, FIRST RELEASE OF THE EQSPIFLASH controller!! dgisselq 1787d 23h /qspiflash/
8 Minor documentation edits. dgisselq 2018d 20h /qspiflash/
7 Added the ability to make the Quad/SPI flash run in read-only mode, in an
effort to reduce it's resource/LUT usage enough to run on a Digilent Cmod-S6.
dgisselq 2039d 05h /qspiflash/
6 Minor documentation (formatting) changes. dgisselq 2207d 03h /qspiflash/
5 Minor changes to the documentation. dgisselq 2214d 07h /qspiflash/
4 FIXED: in the previous version, the first read of the device would always fail.
This was due to the fact that the Xilinx loader that read from the device
to load the Xilinx configuration left the Quad SPI flash chip in a high
data rate state. Thus, on reset, the first thing this core does it to
take the device out of the high data rate state.

Also, on a bus action waiting on a write to complete, the timing was
off. This has now been corrected. Reads (in both modes) should now
stall the bus (properly) while a write/erase cycle is ongoing, and
complete when finished.

The bug in high speed writing was traced to a read bug, not a write bug.
High speed (i.e. 4-bit transaction) writing has been re-enabled.

The bug in transitioning from 1-bit mode to 4-bit reads has been fixed.
This was causing the high speed write bug mentioned above.

Read ID was stalling the bus. This was traced to a sign error while
referencing the chip select line, and has been fixed.

The lowerlevel QSPI project was modified to add a holding state. We were
struggling with a bug whereby a late read would hang the device. The upper
level driver would issue it when the lower level driver was busy, and yet
think that it was accomplished. The lower level driver was moving from ready
to idle, so it never saw the read. Now, hold keeps the lower level driver
in the ready state at the end of a read until the bus transaction is complete,
or until it goes on to some other transaction other than reading data.
(This was a big change.)

Finally, unnecessary debugging lines were disabled in the simulator.
dgisselq 2219d 03h /qspiflash/
3 This quick update fixes some oopses associated with the original release.
Specifically, I made sure the license comments were available in all source
files, made sure all source files mentioned that they were a part of a Quad
SPI flash controller, rather than the Basys-3 development board project they
were originally a part of or the Spartan 3E project before that, I took out
the (undocumented) debug "scaffolding" that was still in the Verilog files,
and I added the C++ source for the bench test/simulator into the project.
Although the full bench test is not complete, it should be sufficient for
anyone who would wish to test this within Verilator.

These changes should not affect any of the functionality of the core.
dgisselq 2225d 20h /qspiflash/
2 Initial submission. dgisselq 2225d 21h /qspiflash/
1 The project and the structure was created root 2226d 01h /qspiflash/

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